425mg JGO+ Pineapple Express Terpene CBD Vape Juul Pod 0.6ml - Jolly Green Oil

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425mg JGO+ Pineapple Express Terpene CBD Vape Juul Pod is a powerful Sativa strain with a sweet, tropical citrus, cedar aroma delivering an uplifting and energetic effect.  The relaxing sensation and energy boosting effects will have you feeling good all day.

Our high quality vape pods contain 425mg of CBD and made with True Terpene Profiles which are all-natural, NON-GMO, organic food grade terpenes that are steam extracted from the highest quality plant material.

Jolly Green Oil CBD vape pods are compatible with any JUUL device.

Each 0.6 ml cartridge produces approximately 200 puffs delivering about 2.1 MG of high quality CBD per inhalation.

There is zero THC, this means you do not get the psychoactive effects, but all the medical benefits of the hemp plant!

All of our CBD is imported from the U.K. and Lab tested again when we receive it!

Disclaimer: This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Derived CBD, NON-GMO, Organic Food Grade Terpenes