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30mg CBD Infused Big Island Joe Coffee is a Kona offering with a blend of beans that have been cultivated in the welcoming climate of the North and South Kona districts of Hawaii and other premium Arabica. Lightly roasted, this divine brew gives a creamy, sweet and bright yet balance cup.

 Each order includes (2) -THC free, 1oz sachets of coffee.  Big Island Joe and another blend of your choosing 

Choose another Big Island Joe or one of the 9 coffee blends below for a rewarding and relaxing experience!

Jamaican Blue Mountain:  A classic and refined mild taste with a slightly and unusually sweet flavor that is very rich — and sometimes almost creamy.

Costa Rican:  Full bodied with a good balance and a lively acidity.

New York Signature Blend: Sweet with a medium acidity and a smooth pleasant body

Dawn’s Kiss Decaf: This intercontinental blend is designed to awaken you gently and pairs delightfully with a slice of buttered toast or mom’s pancakes.

Razzberry Mocha Cream: A rich blast of chocolatey raspberry flavor using our finest Colombian beans. Imagine your favorite bonbon melting in your mouth. . . and try some today!

Buckeye Blend: We’re confident that you’ll love the combination of chocolate, toasted nuts and sweet caramel.

Bootlegger’s Brew: This coffee has a pleasant acidity level and a satisfying medium body that will have y’all coming back for more.

The Guru’s Wake-up Call:  This coffee bean is carefully sourced, blended and roasted to produce a well-balanced yet lively and deep bodied espresso for your drinking pleasure.

Early Morning Beignet:  This brew is a light roast that blends the essence of vanilla and cream to give it a refined taste.

30mg of Water Soluble CBD Isolate per sachet makes 36 fl oz of coffee

6 cups of coffee per sachet

5mg of CBD per 6oz cup

Disclaimer: This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

99.9% CBD Purified Organic Plant Extract, Coffee

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