Tiva Naturals

 Our hemp products are stable, high in CBD, low in THC and resistant to pests and pathogens. Our Kentucky farmers use innovative and  proprietary harvesting and crop processing technologies to produce unmatched purity and quality.

All Tiva products are produced in an FDA registered and inspected, food-grade, GMP-compliant facility and are tested by third parties for safety and quality.

 Our product manufacturer leads the industry in innovations such as the reduction of water usage and energy inputs, and enables maximum soil health and rejuvenation for sustainability as a result of applied biologicals, nutrients, and balanced environmental controls.

 To virtually eliminate post-harvest mold and other pathogens, and to lock in our unique farm-to-table freshness, Tiva’s production team has developed a proprietary FreshLock Drying™ technology known as Big Blue.

Big Blue dries and vacuum seals freshly harvested hemp in about three minutes in order to uniquely preserve the farm-to-table fresh nutrients in GenCanna™ products.