All-natural, CBD-rich, lab tested. Purfurred’s hemp-derived CBD for pets gives your dog or cat the nutrition they need in a pure, healthy way. By giving your pet these hemp oil supplements, they’ll be calm, balanced, and healthy. Founded in 2018, but with many years of experience in the CBD oil industry before that, Purfurred is one of the leading hemp oil brands. Developed by pet owners like you, there are two separate formulas for dogs and cats that will keep your pet happy and healthy for their entire lives.

For dogs, there’s the Purfurred Hemp Oil for Dogs, which contains 200 mg of CBD phytocannabinoid-rich tincture. This “purfurred” CO2 extracted hemp oil is the perfect fusion of hemp oil, hemp oil seeds, and coconut oil. These natural supplements promote and support your dog’s active lifestyle while keeping him calm no matter what is happening around him. The actual results are amazing. Thunderstorms and a knock on the door will no longer have your dog barking and being hyper. Not only will this product relieve your dog from anxiety, it also will promote healthy skin and a healthy immune system.

For cats, Purfurred has Purfurred Hemp Oil for Cats, which also contains 200 mg of CBD phytocannabinoid-rich tincture. This fusion of natural supplements promotes the same health benefits as the dogs’, but it’s especially suited for cats. Keeping your cat calm, you’ll find this product will have your kitty purring with happiness.

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