Mary's Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals is a hemp company known for being first. They’re the first to create and offer a transdermal hemp patch. And, they’re the first to acquire testing equipment, also known as Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC), to give you the pure and quality hemp you need and want. The company’s mission is to convey a strong message about CBD hemp. Their belief is that, “It’s not alternative medicine. It’s an alternative to medicine.” And, that coincides with the growing movement among patients to switch from traditional medicine to the alternative to medicine -- hemp CBD -- in which the company is a strong advocate.

Not only does Mary’s Nutritionals offer a transdermal hemp patch, they also offer a patented transdermal gel pen technology and award-winning topicals. The products are clean and safe. The use of natural plant nutrients combined with clean delivery methods makes their hemp products highly effective. The products offer all the benefits of CBD and can treat various health conditions, such as anxiety, stress, and pain. One-hundred percent organically grown, these products are sourced with Mary’s long-term partner Elite Botanicals based in Loveland, Colorado.

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