Kalki Sports

Under the parent company Hemplucid, Kalki Sports offers sport-approved CBD that is THC-free. It’s perfect for athletes. This quality CBD Isoterp™ MCT Oil Tincture is designed for athletes for both performance and recovery, providing relief from nausea, pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and restless sleep. It also works as an energy and mood booster to keep you feeling healthy and happy throughout your entire day.

Producing the “entourage effect,” the company’s CBD tincture can be enjoyed anywhere and the best thing about it is that it’s legal and doesn’t show up on drug tests. To ensure quality, safety, and purity, Kalki Sports has all their CBD products third-party lab tested. You can use and enjoy the benefits of this CBD without having to worry about quality. There is absolutely no THC in their product and are pesticide-free and have no artificial additives.


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