Fuggin CBD Eliquids

Fuggin Vapor has dominated the vaping industry for many years and now knocking the doors down to the CBD world. You’ve heard it before - puff, puff, pass. Now, let’s try it with CBD and share the joy of using it for a healthier life. 

Delightfully tasty, yet medicinally effective, our Fuggin CBD is flavorful and fun, healthy and life-changing. We know CBD oil can change your life for the better because of what our customers tell us. Some say they use it for pain and anxiety, all say that it works. 

Always ahead of the curve, we've created a line of delicious e-juices that contain high-quality, incredibly potent CBD. At last, vapers can enjoy their favorite flavors while getting their daily dose of nutrient-rich hemp. Best of all, they're compatible with your favorite vaping devices. 

The collection utilizes carefully sourced CBD as well as high-quality flavoring extracts. You'll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth with luscious fruits and sugary candies while providing your body with nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins. There's also an extremely subtle herbal taste that blends perfectly with the brilliant flavors that we've concocted. 

Pass the Fuggin CBD. Discover for yourself what CBD can do for you.

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